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About Sérgio Carolino

Portuguese tuba player and Yamaha International Artist, Sérgio Carolino is one of the most acclaimed tuba players in the international scene, with a constant activity as a soloist and teacher in several music festivals, conservatories and universities all over the world (from Europe to Australia, passed through Asia and North and South America).

Since 2002 he has been involved in new and innovative music projects: the TGB trio with Mário Delgado and Alexandre Frazão, 2tUBAS&friends with Anne Jelle Visser (tuba), XL Duo & Trio with Telmo Marques (piano) & Jeffery Davis (vibraphone), director of The Portuguese Tuba Ensemble How Low Can You Go?, European Tuba Trio with François Thuillier (tuba) and Anthony Caillet (euphonium), Tuba'n Saxes Company¡ with the SAXOFÍNIA Portuguese Saxophone Quartet & Jeffery Davis, The Postcard Brass Band, Tu ß'Horn trio with José Bernardo Silva (horn) and Telmo Marques (piano), the ensemble TUBAX DUO with Mário Marques (soprano saxophone), the TUBAX Trio joined by Telmo Marques (piano) & String Quartet and the TUBAX 4tet with Daniel Bernardes & Telmo Marques (piano), Mr SC & The Wild Bones Gang, the TUBAB Duo with drummer Jorge Queijo, Surrealistic Discussion with accordionist João Barradas, his ensemble Hanging’ from the Strings (tuba & string quintet), the Funky Bones Factory! with Paulo Perfeito, Ruben da Luz, Daniel Dias and Rui Bandeira (trombones), Acácio Salero (drums) & Miguel Moreira (guitar) Conical Brass with Jeff Nelsen (horn), VOX HUMILIS! with Swiss euphonium virtuoso Thomas Ruedi (with string quartet & piano), the CROSSOVER Trio with Daniel Bernardes (piano) & Mário Marques (saxophones) and more recently the duo Moderato Tangabile with Argentinian pianist / composer Daniel Schvetz, SubWoofer trio with Gil Gonçalves (tuba) & Miguel Moreira (drums). Recently he as formed the AR. Duo with international acclaimed jazz singer Maria João, he is a member of the CROSSFADE Ensemble lead by Daniel Bernardes (piano) with Jeffery Davis (vibraphone), João Barradas (accordion), Ricardo Toscano & Mário Marques (saxophones), Hugo Assunção (trombone) and the TransAtlantic Tuba Connection with Mike Forbes (tuba) and Pedro Silva (drums).

Sérgio is, since 2002, principal tuba with the Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música and professor of tuba, artistic director and founder of the Portuguese Youth Brass Ensemble MASSIVE BRASS ATTACK! at the Porto Superior School of Music and Arts (ESMAE). Since 2010 he is also artist director of GRAVÍSSIMO! - Alcobaça International Summer Low Brass Academy & Festival.

Sérgio received for Four times the Roger Bobo Award Prize for Excellence in Recording for his CDs: Steel aLive! (2008, Afinaudio Records), his debut solo album; Agreements & Disagreements (2010, TwoTubas Records), with the project 2tUBAS&friends with Anne Jelle Visser and Pop&Roll (2012, Loft Records), with his group The Postcard Brass Band and recently for his first double album with the project Sérgio Carolino presents Mr. SC & The Wild Bones Gang (2014, Afinaudio Records). In Portugal he as received the Award for the 2004 Emerging Jazz Artist by jazz critic José Duarte, and the Carlos Paredes Prize for the first disc with his jazz trio TGB - TubaGuitarra&Bateria (Clean Feed Label).
In February of 2013, Sérgio won the SPA Award 2013 - Classical Music Category (Portuguese Author’s Society) for the works published in 2012 and for promoting Portuguese music through the World. The award ceremony was broadcasted on RTP1 (Portuguese TV Chanel).

Mr Carolino was soloist with the Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música, making the World Premiere of Portuguese composers António Victorino D’Almeida “Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra, Op. 144” (specially dedicated to him) and Paulo Perfeito’s “Concerto for Tuba and Orchestra – Impermanentia” (also dedicated to him), this last one, conducted by Christian Lindberg. Sérgio has been guest soloist at the Melbourne International Festival of Brass 2006 premiering Paulo Perfeito’s “Hanging’ from the Strings – Fantasy for Tuba, Strings and Harp” with the Melbourne University Chamber Orchestra and at the Guimarães 2012 – European Capital of Culture, soloing with the Fundação Orquestra Estúdio premiering “SoNotas – Concertino for Tuba & String Orchestra” by composer Francisco Loreto and recently played Jorge Salgueiro’s “cONCERTO fOR tUBA, Op. 139” with the Santa Fé Municipal Symphony Orchestra (Argentina) at the international festival TrombOnanza.

Mr Carolino plays with his own signature mouthpieces Sérgio Carolino SC1 & SC2 handmade by master Kawamura Momotake from MoMo Atelier (Japan) and also the Sérgio Carolino signature collection “ADAMASTOR” by Romera Brass (38S800, 46C800, 12C33), made by Spanish maker Toni Romera from Manresa (Barcelona), using also a Mushroom Cup Mute, designed by Sérgio and manufactured by the Austrian maker Johannes Schlipfinger.

In 2010, Sérgio has conceived a new instrument, based on British virtuoso tuba player Oren Marshall's Orenophone, made by North Americans brass makers, Tim Sullivan and Harold Hartman, which he called Lusophone 'Lucifer'!

Sérgio enjoys going to the cinema, fishing crabs and octopus, spending time with his good friends and since one year with his loyal friend SPARKY – the Basset Hound.

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