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About Wilthon Matos

He began his musical studies at age 13 in one of the 'Assembléia de Deus' evangelical churches in Belém (PA - Brazil), with teacher Josiel Saldanha.

In 1993, he began studying at the Conservatório Carlos Gomes (Carlos Gomes Conservatory)at the class of teacher Ricardo Cabrera (Russia - Colômbia).

In 1999, Wilthon attended the Bachelor of Music - Qualification in Tuba, course at the Pará State University at the class of teachers Valmir Vieira (Brassil Brass Quintet - UFPB).

Wilthon was teacher at the Conservatório Carlos Gomes (1999/2008), where he created the “Tubas of Amazônia Group”. Wich was invited to represent Brazil in the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference.

In 2001, he was semifinalist at the Lieksa International Tuba Competition, also taking part in the International Tuba and Euphonium Conference at the Sobelius Hall in Lahti (Finland), which is an event that gathers many tuba and euphonium professionals from various countries.

In August 2001, he received the “Waldemar Henrique” marker in regard to the “2001 Best Musician” prize given by the Belém City Council (Pará-Brazil).

In 2003, he took part in the agreement/exchange between Fundação Carlos Gomes and Columbia University (USA), at the class of teacher Ângelo Manzo, who invited him to take part in the “GREAT TUBA EUPHONIUM PLAINS”, obtaining the 4th place and the honorable mention at the 'student competition'.

In 2004, he earned the first place at the Eleazar de Carvalho Young Soloists competition, playing solo with the orchestra of the festival under Carlo Moreno's conducting. Wilthon took part in the “Brazilian New Talents Competition”(RJ-Brazil), organized by the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra, in which he won the “Best Brazilian Young Tubist Prize” and the 4th place at the competition.

Wilthon also took part in many festivals, taking classes with great names of the tuba. He played in several Brazilian orchestras, performing concerts as soloist or guest musician: Symphony of Peace Theater, the Jazz Band Amazon (Belém - PA) Symphony Orchestra Theatre Cláudio Santoro (Brasília - DF) (under Ira Levin), Symphony Orchestra Brasileira - OSB (Rio de Janeiro - RJ), State Symphony Orchestra of Sao Paulo - OSESP (São Paulo - SP), Symphonic Orchestra of Minas Gerais - OSMG (Belo Horizonte - MG).

Wilthon was approved at the Orquestra Sinfônica de Porto Alegre (Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra) audition, where he is soloist tubist.

In 2010 he is one of the creators of the Conferencia Regional Sul Brasileira de Tuba e Eufônio (Tuba and Euphonium South Brazilian Regional Conference), which is the only event of the kind in Brazil and is held annually. TUBAEUFONIOSUL

In 2010, Wilthon Carried out the TUBA BRAZIL CONCERTS project, Which was the first tour with tuba and piano in Brazil, through the prize "2010 Classical Music Circuit FUNARTE Prize." concerts held in 07 Brazilian capitals.

In 2012 Artistic director of W.Matos – Produções Artísticas, at the 3rd North Brass Meeting.www.wmatosproducoes.com.br

Correspondent Academic of the “Pará Academy of Music”.

Nowadays Wilthon is Soloist Tubist at the Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra.

President of the (AFFOSPA) Porto Alegre Symphony Orchestra Foundation Employees Association.


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